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A Caribbean splash for kids!!!

At Patagon Dive Center we observe a growing interest for starting snorkeling and SCUBA diving at an earlier age as more and more parents encourage their kids to explore the underwater world.

PADI standards allows children as young as 5 years old to take snorkeling lessons and kids as young as 8 years old to take SCUBA shallow dives (6 feet max.). Youngsters of 10 can join the adults' beginner dives and/or get their PADI Junior Open Water Diver certification.

At Patagon Dive Center we love to work with children and we are proud for taking a lead, over the years, for introducing the experience of the sea to youngsters. Our professional staff have the necessary training and experience to attend to our young customers. We can also provide the kids with the proper fit sizes when comes to snorkel gear, SCUBA gear, and wet suits.

Please, ask us about the following programs:

  • Bubble Maker
  • Young Explorers of the Sea
  • Seal Team
  • PADI Junior certifications

Other programs for children that we offer include:

Snorkeling and the Marine Life

  • An instruction session under the beach’s palm trees is followed by the guided snorkel tour.
  • No prior snorkeling experience is necessary.
    DURATION: 2 hours
    MINIMUM AGE: 5 years old

Scuba Diving at the pool

  • The Kids big chance to become a SCUBA diver!!
  • Conducted by certified SCUBA Instructors.
  • Kids sizes SCUBA gear and wet suits!
    DURATION: 10 minutes class, 15 minutes underwater experience
    Minimum age: 8 yrs old

Scuba Diving on a coral reef

  • SCUBA on a real coral reef
  • Kids sizes SCUBA gear and wet suits
    DURATION: 15 minutes class and a 25 minutes SCUBA dive
    MINIMUM AGE: 8 yrs old

Junior PADI Scuba Certification

  • Classroom, pool work and 4 SCUBA dives
  • Certification card and diploma
    DURATION: 15 hour course divided in 4 days
    MINIMUM AGE: 10 years old

Young Explorers of the sea

This program includes:

  1. "Show and Tell" - the children will learn about the sea and the local marine life.
  2. "Beach Walk" - we’ll walk along the shore line to find, recognize, and identify shells, corals, algae, and other sea creatures. At the same time, we’ll talk about and encourage the protection and conservation of the marine environment.
  3. "SCUBA" - we’ll introduce the children to basic SCUBA skills in the safety of the pool. No prior diving experience is needed! Snorkeling optional. A special certificate & Caribbean Reef Fish ID card awarded to all participants!
    DURATION: 2 hours
    MINIMUM AGE: 5 years old

Video and Photos available for all of your activities

We will document your underwater activities and burn a DVD for you.

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